At present situation, there are plenty of recipes are flooded in the food court which attracts all of us attention easier. More than hundreds and above recipe categories are available each category have various types of recipes are presented according to your taste you have to try new recipe in your homer during the weekend celebration. Normally recipes are attracting all age groups which is very simple to make and much tastier right now. People from various parts of the globe are now sharing their various new recipes and get feedbacks from various users right now. Today everyone have tea or coffee in the morning newspaper reading time and evening snack time. Compare to coffee, tea is the best alternative to all because the tea will refresh your body and mind.  Basically tea have various types such as Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, lemon tea, ginger tea etc these are some hot tea varieties according  to your taste you have to prepare by own easier. The above said tea varieties normally seen all shops but now the sweet tea is the most newest and healthy recipe right now in the market. What is sweet tea and how to make sweet tea recipe easier in your home is the hottest topic for all in recent time.


Sweet tea is not like normal tea varieties which are completely give unique taste to all. Many of them are not know the sweet tea. When you tell about the sweet tea about your friends their first answer is “are you joking?” but it is really true. Sweet is one of the most healthy and more energetic one for all which is suitable for all age groups can take this sweet tea at any time in your. If your are already know and well in sweet tea preparation, whenever your friends come to your house just you give this sweet tea after tasting this sweet tea definitely get addicted for  your tea. There are many folks are try this sweet tea in their home in own way but it is not come best taste so they are searching best online websites for how to prepare the sweet tea without changing the exact taste. There are many new comers are searching sweet preparation method in online right now.


Are you try this sweet in your home just follow the how to make the sweet tea recipe easier and its preparation method. First collect all basic ingredients such as 3 quarts of cold water, 4 pitchers –size cold brew tea bags, Sugar mixture, lemon slices, mint sprigs for garnish. First you have to boil the water then remove it from heat then add the pitcher and steep the tea bags for at least 5 minutes.  Now you have to mix the sugar mixtures in to the iced tea now stir well. Now pour the drinks in the ice cube glass for add garnish you have use the mint and lemon. Now the sweet tea drink will be ready for taste.