The popularity of Sweet tea has soared over the years, and is now one of the most consumed beverages in the US. It can be prepared very easily and it only takes a little time to make.  It is available in various flavors such as raspberry lemon and mint and sweet tea is also used as syrup because it can help in reducing acidity. It  is one of the healthy teas and it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially if you just quit smoking, stopped consuming alcohol or you just want to maintain a healthy diet.

When you form the habit of taking Sweet tea you are not only get the enjoy it’s delicious taste, but you also get the added health benefits as well. It contains some vital vitamins and minerals which is good for the health and it acts as the antioxidants which is good for the health and it helps to prevent the cancer and reduce the cholesterol also,  it also helps in regulating sugar levels in the body. The sweet ice tea is effective than unsweetened tea and it is safe than baking soda and the ice tea is more natural and it gives relief from stress. The ice tea helps in combat which is against to the poor breathing because it acts as the anti-biotic agent in the tea, if you choose the ice tea which is natural then it has rewarded in the dark colored tea. The ice contains some oxidants which help in increase of renal system of gems so if you use the excess of renal systems then it don’t have the capacity to break the oxidant.


How to prepare the sweet tea recipe

            The sweet ice tea recipe can be made by simple procedure using certain ingredients and the preparing time of the sweet tea is very less and the ingredient needed to prepare the recipe is:

  • Cold water
  • Tea bags
  • Boiling water
  • Sugar
  • Baking soda

The procedure to prepare the sweet tea is: take the large measuring cup to place the tea bag, add boiling water over tea bags and add the baking soda before pouring the water and cover it for 15 minutes and let the bag must be out from the water and add the sugar after the tea is poured in the pitcher and heat the tea until the sugar gets dissolved. Add cold water in the tea and let it cool for sometime by refrigerating the tea and add the ice cubes or any flavored such as lemon or raspberry while serving it.

The sweet tea has certain health benefits that accrue as result of continually drinking it and you must add your desired quantity of sugar in the tea which would make it drinkable and it gives more healthy nutrients and vitamins which is good for health. The sweet tea has the capacity to reduce some risk of health issues and it helps in the diet maintaining which in weight loss, and prevents from certain health issues. The sweet ice tea is better than baking soda because it helps to prevent the acidity problem in the body and you can make the sweet tea recipe using various ingredients.